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How can Drones help in extreme conditions?

Ford has filed a very interesting patent where the use of drones increases the off-road capabilities of its vehicles, especially in extreme weather conditions.

The design and development departments of each company are constantly busy with the development of new ideas and patents aimed at improving cars and their capabilities.

Many of these ideas apply, others do not have the same fate. One such patent that has not yet found its way into implementation is Ford’s idea of using drones to improve the ability of its vehicles to reach as far as possible off-road or in extreme weather conditions. behind what Ford presents is particularly smart and ambitious. The drone is connected to the car’s GPS so as to guide the vehicle to be able to pass through difficult points of the route.

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According to Ford and the World Bank, 31% of the planet’s population does not live near roads with access to all seasons, and 98% of them live in developing countries.

Ford ‘s helicopter system could provide valuable assistance to many people so that they have easier access to inaccessible areas and deliver products to remote locations.

Ford also finds it useful that it could be used by fleet management companies, where the drone can give an idea of which vehicle can best respond to each route depending on the terrain in front of it.

The drone in relation to the contribution of satellites has the advantage that it provides real-time information about the conditions prevailing on the road, allowing the driver to make the right decisions especially in extreme weather conditions.