About Us

2018 was a milestone date, as its creation began
patras drone academy based in Patras.
This center was staffed with well-known
trainers in both the theoretical and the aviation part

Acquaintances with Air Force pilots were
forerunner for later cooperation with them. This had as
a result the excellent success rate in accordance with
Greek Legislation certification exams, a percentage that reached 99%
Now a new challenge for the academy begins because of the change of
EU and EASA legislation. 

The training team of
patras drone academy is ready, with renewed collaborations and with
the best practicing fighter pilots on purpose
to offer you the right knowledge about Drone and Aviation
education needed.

We are here !!
We are ready !!

Yours sincerely :
Koukoutsis Dimitrios



Dimitrios Koukoutsis

The Head of Air Training of the School is mainly responsible for the implementation of the flight program of the training of the SMIEA. Directs and monitors the practical training of the School and is responsible to the Director of the School for the organization, supervision and coordination of actions for the implementation of the training program.



Nikolitsa Paraskevopoulou

Paraskevopoulou Nikolitsa is a co-owner of Patras Drone Academy. With studies at the TEI of Patras in the specialty of Business Administration & Organization, he undertook the position of the Director of the school, with the aim of the proper education and training of the candidate pilots (Drones).



George Theodoropoulos

Talented pilot with more than 1500 hours of operation of many engines recorded. Extensive pilot experience in the military field. Proven ability to plan and operate routine and complex flights and successfully manage emergencies.
In addition to the qualifications he has as a pilot, he maintains my professionalism by working as a team & methodically with priority on safety. Excellent leadership skills, extensive experience as a trainer in weapons and tactics.
Air Education Transmission Capacity



Ilias Sotiropoulos

In practice, Air Force Flight pilot with many years of flight experience, having in his assets, more than 1200 flight hours. It is characterized by professionalism and high training, with experience in the development and evolution of military aviation equipment. Graduated Drone Operator with long experience in developing, building and upgrading UAS. He also has experience in the field of modern and asynchronous education.