Α1-Α3/Α2 Open Category

Remote Operator Licenses Are Divided into 3 Categories & Subcategories

A1 from 0 to 900gr with subcategories

C0: 0 to 250 gr - C1: 250gr to 900 gr - homemade: up to 250gr

A2 from 900gr to 4kg with subcategory

C2: 900 gr to 4 kg

A3 from 4kg to 25 kg with subcategories

C3-C4: 4 kg to 25 kg - C4: Own construction up to 25kg


UAS Remote Operator Certificate

Online courses include:
A) 9 modules of courses with videos and analysis of each module with the questionnaires for the A1 – A3 open category


B) 3 modules of courses with videos and analysis of each module with their questionnaires for the A2 open category

C) The written exams for obtaining a UAS remote pilot license A1-A3 with 40 questions & A2 with 30 open category questions but also special (EU remote pilot certificate) according to the new legislation of EASA & CAA.

Flight Training

To obtain a certified A2 class license, you must submit a responsible statement of practical training, if you are thinking, “Okay, what should I do and most importantly, how do I do it?”, Then the flight instruction course is for you .
Starting with a 1 to 2 day individual training program, with UAS certified instructors and a state-of-the-art Drone, you learn to fly safely and confidently.
They teach: Principles of teaching SMEA handling including basic maneuvers, coordination maneuvers, emergency maneuvers, demonstration of the most common mistakes and restoration of SMEA safety.