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Drone for a passenger – How much does it cost?

If you do not have family responsibilities and you are looking for the ultimate gadget for your travels, Jetson One is a serious candidate to make you the first topic in the news bulletins (in a good way).

Looks like some sports models with a very sophisticated frame, lightweight construction from exotic materials but without wheels and engine. In practice it is a flying means of vertical take-off, a drone in short which can carry only a bold and determined passenger.
Jetson is produced by a Swedish company which, as announced, has sold all its production for 2022 and has another 100 in order to be delivered to its customers in 2023.

It seems that the demand is very high, as it has secured over 3000 pre-orders for its flying vehicle since its first presentation in October 2021.

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Its construction is very interesting, as it draws a lot of elements from racing cars. The frame weighs just 86 kg, thanks to the use of aluminum and carbon-kevlar for its construction.

It uses eight electric motors, which ensure a speed of just over 100 km / h, although there is a serious limitation in flight time, which does not exceed just 20 minutes.

Charging the battery takes a little over an hour while there is a limit for the weight of the passenger to 95 kg (it does not fit if it is more…). The control and navigation systems are of the latest generation with advanced obstacle avoidance, while there is also an automatic parachute which is there for the bad time.

For the safety of the passenger, however, the robust construction of the frame and a roll cage system that borrows many of the counterparts of racing cars. The company even claims that the Jetson One can stay in the air even with one of the propellers out of order.

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Whether you need a driver’s or pilot’s license, the Jetson One is covered by US FAA regulations, which require any flying vehicle weighing less than 115 kg and traveling below 101 km / h.

It is one of the first vehicles of its kind for personal use, with orders reaching the company from all over the world, with California and the Middle East dominating.

The company is looking for investors at this time in order to expand its activity and production capacity. As for its price it reaches 80,000 euros and in order to get it you have to pay a 20,000 euro deposit.