2023-06-02 095509

what a drone pilot should do to have a safe drone flight

To ensure a safe flight with a drone, there are several aspects to consider before, during and after the flight. Some key steps include:

  1. Training: before using a drone, be trained in all procedures, regulations and best practices for safe operation. Most countries have regulations that must be followed.
  2. Pilot’s licence: you must hold a pilot’s licence for an Open or Special Category depending on the risk of the flight you want to attempt.
  3. Preparing the drone: Make sure the drone is properly assembled and functional, the propellers in good condition.
  4. Battery check: check the status of the batteries to be charged to 100% as & the controller.
  5. Weather control: we need to control the weather through applications to keep the flight running smoothly.
  6. Control of the area: Before flying the drone, check the environment in the drone’s area. Make sure there are no objects, people or other drones that can interfere with the flight.
  7. Flight rules: it’s important to know the flight rules in your area. These regulations may include flight altitude, distances from airports, and restrictions on flight areas.
  8. Data security: protect the personal data and privacy of people who may be affected by the flight of the drone.
  9. Return to base: make sure the drone returns safely to its operator, and follow all procedures to land it safely.
  10. Maintenance: make sure to maintain your drone according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it in good condition.

The above guidelines are a basic overview. If you are a drone operator, it is important to familiarise yourself with local laws and flight regulations, and to follow the instructions of your drone manufacturer.