The ‘aerial’ group photo exhibition in Patras is a complete success !!

The 1st ‘aerial’ group photo exhibition that takes place in the city of Patras and is hosted at the ‘LAIFOS’ store was a great success.

The three certified pilots of SMEA, Tzellos Athanasios, Mavromytis Vassilios & Andriopoulos Ioannis submitted magical aerial images with the latest Drone technology and gave us a little of the magic of the different view from above from areas of Patras and beyond.

The exhibition that opened its gates on November 10 will last until November 30. It is worth visiting, where you will get to know the creators up close and you will be able to chat with them and learn the prehistory before each click.

Note that all security protocols against covid – 19 are observed.


image_Viber_2021-11-15_12-05-57-882.jpg  image_Viber_2021-11-15_12-05-56-132.jpg


image_Viber_2021-11-15_12-05-57-761.jpg  image_Viber_2021-11-15_12-05-57-422.jpg


 image_Viber_2021-11-15_12-05-58-008.jpg  image_Viber_2021-11-15_12-05-56-951-1.jpg