Zenmuse X7 (LensExcluded)


Zenmuse X7 (LensExcluded)

2.999 €

Fully compatible with the DJI Inspire 2, the Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with a built-in gimbal designed to create high quality movies.


The 24 MP CMOS sensor with a dynamic range of 14 f-stops retains amazing detail from the image it has taken and offers both 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K AppleProRes with continuous RAW shooting at 20 frames per second and 24MP.
The DJI Zenmuse X7 uses a Super 35 sensor and its high read speed supports RAW at 6K / 30fps and 3.9K / 59.94 fps The size of the pixels in the die is 3.91 μm and the length of the diagonal is 26.6 mm. The sensor of this size offers greater sensitivity and dynamic range of 14 f stop – much larger than the 12.8 f-stop of the Zenmuse X5S. In addition, the SNR of the X7 is 46 dB, which is 8 dB more than that of the X5S and the tone range reaches 9.41 bits.


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