Zenmuse X5S


Zenmuse X5S

2 .199 €

5.2K video support for high quality professional cinematography

M4 / 3 | 5.2Κ | F1.7 – F16 | CinemaDNG | ProRes | Max 4,2Gbps


  • 20.8MP with adjustable aperture f / 1.7-f / 16
  • Micro 4/3 sensor
  • 3-axis anti-balance stabilization
  • Supported image storage formats: DNG, JPEG, DNG + JPEG
  • Supported video storage formats: RAW, ProRes, MOV, MP4
  • The DJI Zenmuse X5S camera can be installed on the DJI Inspire 2 drone

The integrated DJI Zenmuse X5S micro 4/3 sensor has a dynamic range of 12.8 f-stops, better signal-to-noise ratio and color sensitivity compared to the X5R. The Zenmuse X5S supports 8 standard micro 4/3 lenses with a focal length of 9mm to 45mm (equivalent 18-90mm to 35mm sensor) for greater flexibility. The new CineCore 2.0 image processing system, integrated in the DJI Inspire 2, allows the DJI Zenmuse X5S to capture video at 5.2K and 30 frames per second, 4K at 60 fps (H.264 compression), 4K at 30 fps (H compression) 265) and 100Mbps in CinemaDNG or AppleProRes format. The camera supports continuous Burst shooting with 20.8 MP. Designed specifically for professionals involved in aerial photography and cinematography.


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