Autumn Offer for the Drone Operator License

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In the most comprehensive training program & obtain the EASA approved Certified Drone Operator License at our Training Center.
Our tools :
✔ 4+ years of experience as a school in operator training
✔ The High Standards of Education
✔ The Implementation of distance learning class A1-A3/A2 through the special platform of our school from the comfort of your home, without an appointment time & day
▶️ The course contains 6 hours of audiovisual material.
( Video )
▶️ With a 100% success guarantee in the Online Exams, which are conducted through the school’s platform, without any physical presence.
✍️Registration bonus
✔ The seminar for the Extension of Visual Contact ( B-vlos ).
✔ The seminar on the use of the thermal camera.
✔ The Night Flight seminar.
✔ Flight Course of 4 hours duration.
The investment for the teaching package at 170 euros.
➡️Information at 6976796666 – 2610335628

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