Autel EVO II (8K)

The Autel EVO 2 has an 8K camera with a 1/2 inch CMOS sensor. It offers a maximum resolution of 48MP (8,000 x 6,000 pixels) for photos. The video resolution reaches 7720 × 4320 pixels. According to Autel, this is the first foldable 8K drone in the world . The ISO range of this camera is 100-3200 . The take-off weight of the EVO II is 1.127g.

Working with Sony, the 48MP sensor on the Autel EVO II is superior to any aerial camera, providing clearer images, more detail and richer color.

4K HDR video with 16 exposure value control (EV) combines long-term, medium-term and short-term exposure in one frame, adding dynamic range. 10-bit color depth captures over 1 billion colors for greater flexibility in reproducing, while retaining rich detail in shadows and highlights.