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ATRACT: Drone with artificial intelligence on the battlefield

In an effort to reduce casualties on the modern battlefield, researchers at Edge Hill University have launched a new drone manufacturing project based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Το Project ATRACT, which means A Trustworthy Robotic Autonomous system to support Casualty Triage, aims to create an aerial drone that can assist and accelerate wounded rescue and evacuation in the critical minutes after trauma to increase the chances of survival on the battlefield.

ATRACT: Drone with artificial intelligence on the battlefield

“In the Vietnam War, American helicopters improved the survivability of soldiers with the advent of the so-called ‘Golden Hour’. So they used powerful air power to evacuate victims quickly and efficiently,” said Ardhendu Behera, professor of artificial intelligence at Edge Hill, explaining how the evolution of modern warfare had created a requirement for this technology.

“However, as seen in Ukraine, the use of low-cost surface-to-air missiles fired from small arms has significantly disrupted helicopter operations, presenting an increased risk to casualty evacuation operations.”

As a result of these developments in weaponry and tactics, the evacuation of helicopters is now impossible, which is very worrying.

When ATRACT is completed it will be an autonomous system powered by drones that can help make critical decisions in the “platinum ten minutes” after a trauma.

Edge Hill University is leading Project ATRACT with the support of Loughborough University, University of Brighton and University of Portsmouth. Over £850,000 has been provided by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) Research and Innovation UK and the project is scheduled for completion in 2026.

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