1 399 €

Impressive flight experience
[1] 4K / 60fpsSuper-Wide 150 ° FOV
[2] 10km low HD video transmission
[3] Brand new S function
[4] Emergency brake and hover

Experience flight like never before with DJI’s new FPV COMBO system.


Now, not only do you enjoy the flight as if you were inside the… drone but you have amazing control, especially when the drone is out of sight. Of course, you can also take part in-races – after all, droneracing is a sport that is becoming more and more popular – as all the specifications are met.

If you also want to shoot at speeds of up to… 140 km / h, then you have found the system that will make your vision a reality.

DJI FPV COMBO system consists of DJI FPV Drone, DJI FPV RemoteController 2, DJI FPV Goggles V2 (with antennas, battery, USB-C power cable, headstrap), a battery, propellers, a protective gimbalprotector and topshe)

It is a standard “racing” FPV system with a racingdrone, which can reach speeds of up to 140 km / h, has a range of 20 minutes (at a constant speed of 40 km / h) and has a 12 MP camera with 150 ° FoV with RockSteady EIS technology and supports 4K / 60fps video and 4x slowmotion video. In addition, it supports the new “S” mode (S Mode), emergency brake and swing.

The transmission system which is DualFrequency (2.4 / 5.8GHz) with Auto Switching shows extremely low lag in video transmission (less than 28ms) and the image transmission is performed at 810p / 120fps from a distance of up to 10 km. The controls and goggles have been optimized to give you the ultimate driving experience as if you were inside the drone!

Camera resolution

12 MP (4K)

The 12 MP camera offers 4K resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels (60fps) with 150 ° FoV and supports RockSteady EIS for videos and photos of exceptional quality and stability. It also supports 4x SlowMotion


Transmission system
The system supports 810p / 12fps digital image transmission with extremely low lag (just 28ms from the camera to the glasses) and a distance that can reach 10 km.

Up to 10 km.
Thanks to the new image transmission system (810p / 120fps), the low lag (28ms from the camera to Goggles) and the incredible range of 10 km. the flight takes on a new dimension.

Drone and camera control
With the ergonomic, quality and easy-to-use controller, you control the drone and the camera with exceptional precision.

FPV Racing is redefined
FPV Racing (FPV: First PersonView) is experiencing a huge boom abroad and recently in our country. DJI’s new consumerready-to-fly FPV drone can reach speeds of up to 140 km / h and is extremely sensitive, flexible and fast. Thanks to DJI’s optimized transmission, pilots can compete with exceptional smoothness thanks to the extremely short lag (28ms) while enjoying a crystal clear image. The company has upgraded its DJI FPV TransmissionSystem and now offers 810p / 120fps digitalliveview with a range of 10 km.

4K and 4x Slow Motion video
The drone has a 2,000mAh battery that allows 20-minute flights (at a constant speed of 40 km / h) and is equipped with a 12 MP camera with 150 ° FoV (for extremely wide image / coverage) with RockSteady EIS technology and supports 4K / 60fps video and 4x slowmotion video. The drone also supports S Mode, emergency brake and swing.


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