Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T V3 Thermal Drone Rugged Bundle/Multiple Temperature Measurement Modes/360° Obstacle Avoidance/Smart Controller V3


Autel Evo II Pro Enterprise Drone Rugged Bundle V3


Key features:

  • Video resolution: 6K
  • Battery capacity: 7100mAh
  • Maximum flight time: 42 minutes
  • Positioning at centimetre level with RTK
  • ADS-B receiver
  • 360° Obstacle avoidance
  • 20MP 1″ CMOS sensor
  • 3x Optical 16x Digital Zoom capability
  • Mobile / tablet connection
  • One-button return function

Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T V3 Enterprise Thermal Drone


The Atuel Robotics EVO II V3 Dual 640T is equipped with a high resolution 640*512 thermal imaging camera and an 8K ultra HD visible light camera, enabling you to capture images in high detail to achieve optimal information.

In addition to the dual camera, the EVO II Dual 640T can accurately detect heat sources at a distance of 2-15 meters. Utilizing the compensation algorithm of infrared temperature measurement, the 640T can adjust temperature deviations within 3 degrees Celsius.

A new generation of thermal sensors

The 640×512 sensor provides more resolution than any camera in its class, allowing pilots to see deep detail in dark environments. The new generation of Autel Robotics thermal imaging sensor has a resolution of up to 640×512@30 fps. It also comes standard with a 13 mm lens and 16x digital zoom and can identify subjects up to 100 m away.

Multiple temperature measurement functions

Central temperature measurement: View a real-time display of the temperature in the central area of the screen.


Point temperature measurement:

Touch the screen and the temperature of the selected object will be displayed in real time.


Temperature alarm:

Monitors the temperature of the screen in real time. The system prompts the user when the temperature reaches a set limit.


Image enhancement:

Supports real-time adjustment of image brightness, contrast and details. The system will detect any objects within the temperature target.


10 thermal pallets colour:

White Hot | Cold and Hot | Rainbow | Rainbow | Rainbow Enhanced | Ironbow | Ironbow | Lava | Arctic | Baking | Gradient | Heat Detection


Powerful Infrared Thermal Analysis Tool-IRPC TOOL:

This free temperature measurement analysis tool has been developed specifically for the 640T and allows users to quickly import images, process and analyze temperature measurements, and create detailed reports for sharing and collaboration.

The visible camera–High resolution imaging

8K video, unparalleled clarity

The EVO II Dual 640T records at resolutions up to 7680×4320.

With 4 times more pixels than 4K (and 16 times more than HD), 8K video redefines clarity and depth of image.

6K HDR for greater dynamic range

6K HDR offers more detail in highlights and shadows, providing higher resolution.


Powerful phone zoom

High resolution provides the ability to zoom in on a scene in depth and crop an image or video to 4K without loss of quality. Capture a scene, zoom in and reset your shots with ease


Reliable data encryption

Protect sensitive information through encrypted internal and external storage, allowing users to work with confidence.


A multifaceted mission

With an expanded selection of accessories available, the EVO II Enterprise can evolve from a simple imaging tool to a multifunctional flight platform that can be adapted to different scenarios.


Line inspections:

Reduce costs, increase safety and improve inspection workflow.


Identify hotspots, provide overwatch and shorten response times.


Technical specifications


Take-off weight (without accessories) EVO II Pro Enterprise: 2.45 lbs (1110 g)

Diagonal length 16.8 inches (427 mm)

Maximum flight time (without wind) 42 minutes (without accessories)

Hovering time (without wind) 38 minutes (with strobe) 29 minutes (with headlight) 34 minutes (with loudspeaker) 36 minutes (with RTK unit)

Maximum level Airspeed 45 mph (20 m/s) (Ludicrous)

Maximum Ascent Speed 18 mph (8 m/s) (Ludicrous)

Maximum descent speed 9 mph (4 m/s) (Ludicrous)

Maximum service ceiling altitude 4.3 miles (7000 m) MSL

Operating temperature 14℉ to 104℉ (-10℃ to 40℃)

Maximum wind speed resistance 39 mph (17 m/s)

Operating frequency 2.400 GHz – 2.4835 GHz; 5.725 GHz – 5.850 GHz

Vertical swing accuracy range: ± 0.3 feet (0.1 m) (with RTK), ± 0.3 feet (0.1 m) (with vision tracking), ± 1.6 feet (0.5 m) (with GPS tracking); Horizontal: ± 0.3 feet (0.1 m) (with RTK), ± 0.9 feet (0.3 m) (with vision positioning), ± 4.9 feet (1.5 m) (with GPS positioning)

Notes: Operating frequency varies by country and region, refer to local laws and regulations.



Operating range Step: -135° to +45°, deflection: -100° to +100°

Operating range Step: -90° to +30°, deflection: -90° to +90°

Stability More stable with 3 axes

Maximum Control Speed (Tilt) 300°/s

Angular vibration range ±0.005°


Detection system

Type of detection system Omnidirectional binocular detection system

Forward Accurate Measuring Range: 1.6 – 65 feet (0.5 – 20 meters), Detection Range: 1.6 – 131 feet (0.5 – 40 meters), Effective Detection Speed:

Accurate backward measuring range: 1.6 – 52 feet (0.5 – 16 meters), detection range: 1.6 – 104 feet (0.5 – 32 meters), effective detection speed:

Upward Accurate Measuring Range: 1.6 – 39 feet (0.5 – 12 meters), Detection Range: 1.6 – 78 feet (0.5 – 24 meters), Effective Detection Speed:

Accurate downward measuring range: 1.6 – 36 feet (0.5 – 11 meters), detection range: 1.6 – 72 feet (0.5 – 22 meters), effective detection speed:

Accurate side measurement range: 1.6 – 39 feet (0.5 – 12 meters), detection range: 1.6 – 78 feet (0.5 – 24 meters), effective detection speed:

Service environment to the front, rear and sides: Surface with a clean design and sufficient illumination (lux > 15), upwards: detects diffuse reflective surfaces (>20%) (walls, trees, people, etc.), downwards: Surface with a clear pattern and sufficient lighting (lux > 15) Detects diffuse reflective surfaces (>20%) (walls, trees, people, etc.)


EVO II Pro Enterprise Camera

1-inch CMOS sensor. 20 million active pixels

FOV 82°

Aperture f/2.8 – f/11

f/2.8 – f/11 1m to ∞

Equivalent focal length 28,6 mm

ISO video range: 100-6400 (auto), Photo: 100-3200 (auto)

Zoom 1-16x (up to 3x lossless zoom)

Still photography modes Single Shot, Burst Shooing: 3/5 frames, Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV Bias ; Timelapse:JPG:2s/5s/7s/10s/20s/30s/60s, DNG:5s/7s/10s/20s/30s/60s ; HyperLight:support (under JPEG 4K format ); Long exposure: Maximum 8s; HDR imaging: (below 4K JPEG)

Still image resolution 5472*3648 (3:2), 5472*3076 (16:9), 3840*2160 (16:9)

Video format MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265)

Video resolution 6K 5472*3076 p30/p25/p24, 4K 3840*2160 p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24, 2.7K 2720*1528 p120/p60/p50/p201/p4, 4K 3840*2160 p4 1080 p120/p60/p50/p48/p30/p25/p24

Maximum bit rate 120 Mbps


Remote control

*Operating frequency 902-928 MHz; 2.400-2.4835 GHz; 5,725-5,850 GHz

Maximum transmission distance (unobstructed, without interference) FCC: 13km, CE: 7km

Transmitter power (EIRP) 902-928 MHz, FCC:≤30dBm, 2.400-2.4835 GHz, FCC:≤30dBm, CE:≤20dBm, 5.725-5.850 GHz, CEd:≤1

Internal storage 128 GB

HDMI video output port

Built-in battery Name: smart Li-ion battery, Capacity: 5800 mAh, Voltage: 11.55 V, Battery type: Li-ion battery, Energy: 67 Wh, Charging Time: 120 minutes

Battery life 3 hours (Maximum intensity), 4.5 hours (50% intensity)

Operating temperature -20℃ – 40℃

RC size 303×190×87 mm (unfolded), 303 x 273 x 87 mm (unfolded)

Weight 1150g (Without protective case), 1250g (With protective case)

GPS + GLONASS + Galileo satellite positioning unit

Notes: Operating frequency varies by country and region, refer to local laws and regulations.

Notes: *The operating frequency band varies depending on different countries and regions.


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